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Programming the Arduino with Atmel Studio

Arduino is easy and simple, but comes with limitations In my previous post I described why I choose Arduino as the platform for my thesis in electrical engineering. The Arduino is a great introduction to electronics, but there’s a lot

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Low-Level GPIO Programming of Raspberry Pi 2 in C

The most interesting thing about the Raspberry Pi is programming it’s pins to do something practically useful. As a student of electrical engineering, I’m going to write my thesis in the coming two final semesters about battery cell balancing. To

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Sorting Algorithm in C

Sorting characters and numbers is a basic task and writing your own function for that is a great way to learn programming. Also, as far as I know, there’s no such functions included in standard C libraries, so you have

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Password Evaluation Algorithm in C

Have you ever wondered, how websites and applications check if your password contains the required characters? They do it by using algorithms and in this post I’d like to show you an example I’ve written in C. If you learn

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Continuing For Loop in C

Recently I’ve been concentrating on learning C instead of C# for a number of reasons. First, C is the grandpa of many other languages like C#, Java, Python and PHP. Second, despite of its age, C is still one of the

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