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Resize Windows VM’s Virtual Disk in CentOS 7 KVM

In the past weeks, I’ve been playing with KVM (Kernel Based Virtual Machine) virtualization on my CentOS 7 box. I installed a Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Core instance with only 10 GB of virtual storage. Later I decided that

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Troubleshoot Refused VNC Connection in CentOS 7

The other day I connected to my CentOS 7 computer from Windows via RealVNC Viewer. Everything went fine, but after I left the machines unattended for a short time, the connection froze to the point that I had to shut

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Remote Desktop from Windows to CentOS 7 with VNC

Last time I explained how I configured my CentOS machine with a static IP address, because I wanted to easily connect to it from Windows with a remote desktop client. Hyper-V has its own Virtual Machine Connection, but I haven’t

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Configure Static IP Address in CentOS 7

In my last article I explained why and how I installed CentOS in my Hyper-V lab. I did it with the intention to explore this enterprise friendly Red Hat derivative and now I’d like to shere my next step. Configuring

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Run CentOS 7 in Hyper-V

Why CentOS? Windows has been the leading operating system in homes and businesses and I myself appreciate and like Microsoft products a lot. Although, like every software, Windows is far from being perfect, it’s very easy to use and troubleshoot.

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